Everybody needs it. You can give it!

My kid is learning to ride a bike right now…

As he practices on the side walk, all the neighbors cheer him on…

“wow! nice bike!” “You’re doing great, keep pedaling!” “You look so cool on your bike!”

And when he falls over, they encourage him even more…

“Oh no, you fell. That’s ok, get back up and try again!” “You’re doing so good”. “Keep trying, you can do it!”

It’s amazing to watch. Little kids are encouraged by everyone, whether they are friends or strangers.


This got me thinking… Why don’t adults encourage other adults in the way that we do little kids?

Like when someone is trying something new, like saving up for a house or pursuing a side business… why aren’t we overly encouraging and supportive every step of the way?

Or when people face hard times, like hitting a slump at work or going through extreme busy periods in life…

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve walked around my neighborhood, feeling stressed as anything, frustrated and alone just wishing that a random stranger would come up and tell me “It’s OK, get back up, keep going, you can do it!”

Encouragement is a HUGE propellent in life. It can be the difference between someone succeeding or giving up.

Something to think about this weekend. Cheer people on. Not just those close to you — strangers, business owners, delivery people, EVERYONE.

We all need it.


ps. and in case I haven’t told YOU recently… Keep going! You can do it! I know it’s hard but you’ll get through it! I’m on your side!!!

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