Disasters produce fond memories (sometimes)

Last night we hosted a neighborhood halloween party.

But when I got to the pizza place to pick up our 11 x large pizza to-go order… they advised they were “a few hours behind”. They were so swamped they couldn’t even tell me when they would start making our order… They said it would be best if we just cancelled and made other food plans. 😩

(I put the order in at 7.45am yesterday, for pickup at 5pm. I thought that was plenty of advance notice 🤷‍♂️)

Anyway, what do you do with 30 hungry people on your front lawn?

Luckily, I have the best neighbors and friends in the world. Some of them had brought side dishes, which were big and hearty. Some friends ran inside and took over our kitchen, cooking pasta/sauce and anything they could make quickly. Everybody scrambled to pitch in and make things work. No complaining at all.

It ended up a really fun night! And it got me thinking…

Some of the best times in life are when things go horribly wrong. When disaster strikes and you need to pivot.

It may seem hectic and stressful at the time… But things usually work out in the end. And usually fond memories are produced.

Wishing you all a great day ahead, making lemonade out of whatever challenges are thrown at you.

– Joel 🍋 🍸

Boca Chica, Panama – sent by Rosie ⛅️