Don’t be stingy 🤗

I believe that every person has an infinite supply of love and happiness inside of them.

It’s like an energy source that never runs out. (Kind of like Iron Man’s arc reactor in his chest, except ours is invisible and supplies good feelings!)

Anyway, because it’s a limitless resource, you never have to worry about holding back or being stingy when expressing love and happiness to others. You can give and share freely, as often as you want.

Share your smiles with others… you won’t run out.

Hug people as much as you want… you won’t run out of hugs.

Dish out compliments and share good thoughts… you will think up more good thoughts tomorrow.

Have a happy and loving Saturday, y’all! Share your unlimited goodness with others!
– Joel

A small lego army I built while playing with my nephew!