Don’t “should” on yourself

Over the holidays I was talking with a good friend about plans and goals for 2020.

I told her I should probably find a job this year, should work out more, should drink less, etc.. My friend cut me off mid sentence and said:

“Joel, don’t ‘should’ on yourself. Either do something, or don’t do it. But stop saying you ‘should’ do things. It sounds like you’re trying to be like everyone else”

My friend always gives direct and constructive feedback. I love her for this. I’ve been thinking about what she said ever since.

If I keep doing things in life that I “should be doing” to fit in, to be normal, or to impress others, I might end up living a life I don’t really want. A life that’s not ME. That would suck!

Instead, I will shoot for things that I truly want to do, and things that ultimately add happiness and joy to my life.

Moving forward: Stop ‘shoulding’ on yourself!