Facing the storm

When a storm brews, cows can sense it and run away from it.

But the storm always catches up. Cows are constantly trying to out run the storm.

Then there is the buffalo. Instead of outrunning the storm, buffalos run into the storm.

They instinctively know that walking into the storm head on will get them out faster, minimizing the amount of time, pain, frustration they experience.

We all face storms in life. As humans, our natural instinct is just like cows. We run away without facing things head on.

But, through the adversity, comes greater triumphs. It’s better to lean into our storms!

We can either be a cow or a buffalo.

How will you face your next storm?


— Thank you Kevin Smith for this story! —

A skull we found in Kruger National Park, South Africa!


PS. More examples of my comparing humans to cows and buffalo (sorry!):