Fact or feeling?

FEELING: I’m not the best writer in the world. Maybe I should give up.

FACT: You are great at what you do. People like you!

FEELING: I’m not very good looking. Every day I get older and new health issues arise.

FACT: You look great! Nobody has called you ugly since the second grade (and that kid was eating glue!). You are healthy enough to handle everything you need to do at this stage in life.

FEELING: I’ve never done a project like this at work before. Maybe I’m not the best person to manage it.

FACT: They hired you because you are the exact right person to TRY. It’s not about doing it perfectly — learning as you go will make you an expert.


All these feelings floating around in our heads each day… But are they facts? Probably not.

Today: Get out of your head.

Facts over feelings.
– Joel

“Good morning from Saint Simons Island, Georgia” — Sent from Bradley E. 🙏