Fear of public speaking report

I took a DNA test recently (23andMe) and learned some cool stuff about my ancestry and genetic traits.

But they also gave me this weird report… Apparently my DNA shows I’ve got a 23% chance of fear of public speaking…

It’s strange to think that fear can be genetic.

(It’s also strange that people use Apps these days to tell them what they are and aren’t afraid of!)

Personally, I think most fears are learned by your upbringing and environment. And because fears are learned, they can also be unlearned!

Unlearning fear means exposing yourself to it more, little by little. The more you research and understand your fears, the less confronting they become. Your perspective changes, and you can reprogram your response over time.

YOU can conquer your fears – no matter what your DNA report has to say.

Keep this in mind as you go about your day. Don’t let others decide what you’re afraid of.

Happy Hump Day! I’m off to do some public speaking 🙂
– Joel