Focusing on the positives!

Hey guys! Got some sad news to share this morning…

Cooper isn’t doing too well right now. Last week he injured himself – not sure how – and he pretty much lost all coordination in his back legs. 🙁

It’s been a tough couple days, but we made some progress yesterday at the vet after some Xrays. (ever seen a dog x-ray by the way? Very cool – I’ll include a pic below). Anyway, turns out Cooper has arthritis in his back, which caused some swelling, which is messing with his leg mobility.

We have meds to feed him for the next week, and the doc thinks he’ll make a great recovery – except for the arthritis which never gos away.

I don’t mean to put a damper on your Tuesday morning…

Actually, I wanted to share some bright sides I’m focussing on:

  1. He is in no pain. There’s been no yelping or crying at all.
  2. It could have been worse. Vet said there’s no sign of hip dysplasia or weird spine diseases that we have to worry about.
  3. This whole event has made me realize how much love is in our family.
  4. Cooper rarely lets anyone hug him for very long, but that’s changed since he’s stuck on his bed all day and can’t get away haha!

Thanks for letting me share.

Cheers to focussing on the positives!

Have a great day,

I know he looks sad, but when we walk over he’s actually quite happy!

Not sure exactly what is the problem area but if I had to guess it’s that bit in the middle.