Friday Puns – Everybody likes a good joke on Friday

This is a Friday Pun joke to share around for a laugh with others


I know it’s lame, but I don’t care! Friday is the most relaxing and fun week day — and if you can’t laugh at a good ol’ Friday pun, then you’re probably taking life too seriously.

Most of you already know that Friday is my second favorite F word (my first fav F word is FREE!, haha) and on Fridays I like to dress casual, keep things light and funny, and front load my work day. This makes the day at work go by a bit faster, and also I can typically get off a little earlier to start my Friday night celebrations!

More Friday Puns

Here’s a few more jokes and funny things you might like to share on Friday. Sharing is caring, even if it’s a lame dad joke or silly pun…  Try sending these in an email, sharing on Facebook or Twitter, or cracking jokes in person!

“Lettuce Celebrate” – It’s Friday!

Another Friday pun joke. Lettuce celebrate!

This pun is still kind of lame… but that’s the point! It’s Friday and any joke will make most people giggle.

Cat-sual Friday Pun

Here’s one for you cat lovers… It’s a great pun to send to your coworkers to let them know it’s going to be a fun and relaxing Friday at the office… Casual Friday!

Catsual pun for casual friday!

ALOE!!! It’s Friday!

In case it’s not obvious… This is an aloe vera plant. HELLOOOOO!!!!

Aloe it's Friday!

“Peel Out” Friday Pun

Peel out pun

Another Fruity pun using a banana peel. Friday means “peeling out” of work early and enjoying the weekend! Of course you could always “make like a tree, and leaf” too. Either pun works!

“Corny Pun” – Happy Friday!

Very corny indeed! This one’s a common dad joke… but sometimes the simplest ones are the best ones.

“Sofa So Good” Pun:

Sofa. So Good pun

Hey there, happy Friday! How is your week treating you so far?    SOFA. SO GOOD.   Even better when you’re sitting on a couch while saying this one 🙂

“Oarsome” Friday Pun:

Here’s a fun one for you water sports fans…

Oarsome Friday

I feel like this is the type of pun you could draw on someone’s whiteboard at work while they are out of their cubicle for a few minutes. Who doesn’t like to return to their desk on a Friday and see a fun little pun or joke left for them?

Happy Fry-Day Pun:

Happy Fry Day Pun

This is the classic Friday Pun that never dies. In every email or even a quick twitter message you can begin with Happy Fry Day, and then put the emoji of a fried egg next to it. 🍳 🍳 🍳 This joke is fun, light hearted, and you can even use it in a business setting (most places!).

Also if you’re getting breakfast you can try saying this, and talk about approaching the day “sunny side up!”. That’s how I like to live my Friday!

“Shrimply the best” Friday Pun:

You’re shrimply the best! Better than all the rest! Use this Friday pun when you’re giving someone praise or congratulations. Many office parties happen on a Friday night, which is a great time to bust out a lame joke or two. haha.

Puma Pants Pun

Be careful you don’t laugh to much at this next joke…

Puma pants friday pun

This is for when you’re having too much fin at the office on a Friday afternoon!  You’re encouraged to laugh with your co-workers and tell a good joke. But if you plan on being too funny you might want to bring a spare change of clothes to the office too.

“Orange you glad it’s Friday”

The answer is yes. I am definitely glad it’s Friday!

orange you glad pun


Hope you liked these. More to come soon!

Have an awesome and happy Friday!
– Joel