Gettin’ high on life…

Friday = High Day.

Getting high on LIFE: is the feeling you get when you realize how amazing your life is. It can be achieved many different ways.

For some it’s getting an adrenaline rush, or others get it simply by remembering that it’s Friday and you’re finishing up a killer work week. It’s time to shift your mindset and start enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Life is good. Make it a great day,

Spotted these a few blocks from my house. Now that we’re in lockdown again, I bet there’s more to come shortly. Let’s just home there’s no neighborhood rock drama like last time 🙂


2 thoughts on “Gettin’ high on life…

  • Nothing really to add. Just feeling pretty decent here today so figured I’d say hi. There’s lots of opportunity to be down on 2020. I’ve been working from home and it’s really taking a toll on mental health. We hit our insurance deductible this year because all of our kids ended up wounded in some fashion. Just before Thanksgiving my wife had a major car accident.

    Or another way to see those same comments: My company has enough confidence to give me a promotion and a lot more responsibility in the middle of the pandemic, even while working from home. All three kids issues were one-off things (like sports stuff) so thankful everyone is actually healthy. Health insurance got them patched up and back out there. My wife’s van was totaled. But she came out of the accident without so much as a scratch. Thankful for the safety of Toyota products. And even though she wasn’t at fault our insurance is taking care of us so we can get a new familymobile back into the fleet. And on top of everything else, my investments have been remarkable this calendar year.

    The positives very much outweigh the negatives for us this year. As such, we’re trying to send out more contributions to non-profits this year. I keep reading that there is more food insecurity for folks out there now. So we are contributing to our local food panty…..also to our local “soup” kitchen…..and also to a newer organization local here that puts together boxes of food specifically for kids in food insecure homes.

    Thanks for your work here, Joel.

    • Hey JR, Thanks for saying hello! Yeah this year has had it’s extreme ups and downs. Many crap things, but so many things to be thankful for also! I’m really glad your family are healthy, and GREAT to hear your wife is OK after a totaled car accident! WOW.
      Keep up the giving. I realized the more I give away (time/money/love), the more I get in return. Thank you for what you’re doing locally. That’s amazing.

      Have a great weekend JR!

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