Gifts from the universe

Yesterday morning, I was about to buy a new coffee pot online (ours broke), when suddenly my neighbor just showed up and gave me a spare coffee machine they had lying around (it’s a nice one too!) ☕️

Then around midday, I was pulling out of the garage when I noticed a guy dumping a fridge in our alley. I asked him if it worked still, it did, so I wheeled it right into my garage. I’ve been looking for a spare fridge to retrofit into a kegerator! 🧊

Then later at the store, walking down a random isle I saw a table of discounted items. Sitting there was a pack of diapers, same brand and style we buy now except 50% off due to upside-down packaging. 🩲


This could all be a sign from the universe (something about coffee + beer + poop?) or these could just be small unrelated coincidences.

Either way, I’M CELEBRATING all things big and small that enter my world. Because I’ve found that focussing on the good —> brings more good!

Hope all is going well in your world!
Love, Joel

And it came with a free little rope, too! 🤣

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