Good stuff from you guys!

Happy weekend, happy people!

Here’s some cool stuff going on in the community…


– From Tommy… “We are in COVID lockdown (again), and most people are sad and choosing to be negative, but I’m remaining positive and happy!” 😀

– Bowen says “Hi,Mr Joel I’m celebrating my third week of getting up early too workout. 20 push-ups, 10 min HIIT routine, and 15 minutes of walking in place. I feel like im getting better every day.” 💪

– From Silas… “I traveled to Charleston, SC last weekend. I love photography and do it as a side hustle. Anyway, I saw this family taking pictures on their iPhone of each other, which left one of them out the photo. So I offered to take their picture with my camera and professional lens. Sent it to them on the spot. This experience left them super excited and me feeling really good that someone appreciated my photography. Win Win!” 📷🌅

– Kevin says… “Not gloating but just sharing a story I heard on a Rich Roll podcast with I think it was Brogan Graham. He is a very outgoing dude and was struggling with lack of connection and started sending out video messages vs texts to friends and family as responses and sending good vibes. Did that a few times this morning and was amazed at the feelings that I got back in response.”

– From K… “I started a 529 for my great niece. A few days later, I was given a travel mug. I’ve been looking for a good travel mug with a handle to use while walking my dog. Now I’ve got one!” 💰☕️

– Nate says… “I wanted to give you one more update on my wife’s business. She keeps setting personal records! Last week, she had her highest grossing week ever at $971! She also had two new consultations yesterday, and both agreed to hire her! She has already pulled in $2,751 in the first full 30 days since our kids started childcare! I’m super stoked for her, and she is awesome at what she does!” 🤑

– From Angie… “we have the same anniversary! My husband and I were married on July 18, 2015 also! Happy Anniversary!” 🥂

– 2 of you readers are doing new 5am routines! Congrats Shawnell an Chrissy! I love hearing these awesome morning experiences! ☀️

– Also Happy Birthday to Blair, who turned the big 3-0 last weekend! 🥳


Have a great weekend, everyone. Continue celebrating the big stuff, the small stuff, and the microscopic stuff.

– Joel

Gorgeous full moon a few nights ago!

(PS. Wife and I are starting a long road trip home tomorrow. Got any Podcast recommendations? On the way up we did Escaping NXIVM, Catch and Kill and To Live and Die in LA.)