Happy Australia Day

Questions I get asked a lot when people hear my Aussie accent…

  • “You know the band ACDC… Is it true that in Australia you call them “acca-dacca”?” —> Yes some people say this but but mostly no.
  • “Are there kangaroos just jumping around in your backyard and stuff?” —> If you live in the city, no. If you live in the country, yes. They’re kind of like deer in the US.
  • “Your money is so weird. It’s like fake monopoly money” —> That’s not a question. But ok yes you’re kinda right.
  • “Do you like Vegemite?” —> Yes. Only on toast, only in small amounts, only in the morning.
  • “Do crocodiles and snakes swim in the ocean down there?” —> Yes, but probably not in any of the places you will visit. There are signs at the beaches telling you what is in the water. Just read the signs before swimming.
  • “You’re from Australia!? Do you know *insert name of another Australian you’ve met or heard about*” —> Nope. I don’t know them. If their last name is O’Leary and from South Australia then yes maybe we are related.
  • “How do you celebrate Australia Day?” —> BBQ, family, backyard sports, beer, and maybe a firework show that night.


Happy Australia Day!! If you have any burning questions I’ll be happy to answer them in the next 24 hours (but I might me slightly drunk so expect silly answers)

– Joel

Went to 3 different stores yesterday to find this slab. This is my local beer from where I grew up. And the brewery that my dog was named after