How can you make it more *fun*?

When I ask my toddler, “Can you please put on your shoes?”… He ignores me, cries, whines, and does everything in his power to *not* put on shoes.

But when I ask him, “What are the fastest pair of shoes you have?”… He will happily grab his favorite shoes, put them on and meet me at the front door.

I make more progress —> when I make things more fun.


Since learning this, I wondered if the same trick would work on adults. 🤔 And you know what?…

It totally does!!!!

When you phrase things in a fun and cheery way, people are extremely helpful and cooperative. Humans gravitate towards fun.

Today: Before requesting something from someone, think, how can you make this more fun for them?

Wishing you an adventurous day 😊
– Joel

My parents just brought over a few of my childhood books from Australia. One of them had this note in it from my Grandad. Christmas 1995 🙂