I am an idiot #6 👨‍🔬

8 years ago, I loved home brewing.

I loved it so much that I considered starting my own micro-brewery with a buddy of mine.

We made pretty decent beer, too! In fact, one day a wealthy neighbor came to my house and offered us $10,000 towards starting our own brewery!

But, I was young and scared.

I was worried about failure. Worried that people wouldn’t like my beer. Worried to lose money. Worried about *insert any irrational fear here*.

I turned the money offer down, and never pursued my passion as a profession.


For any of you out there who have a passion (and get offered free money to follow it), but are feeling scared, don’t be an idiot like me! Don’t let the fear stop you from even trying.

You’ll never know how good you are if you don’t even try.


Visiting new brewpubs is bitter sweet for me. It’s a sad reminder of what could have been, but it’s also a big kick in the ass reminding me to always have the courage to follow the things I’m passionate about.