It pays to be nice 📲

Yesterday I called AT&T to ask for a discount…

I’m happy with my service (internet) but I heard if you just call customer service, request to speak to the “loyalty center” and ask “are there any current discounts or promotions in my area?” then they may present you with some special offers.

And that’s exactly what happened. The nice lady I got connected with lowered my internet bill from $80 per month to $55 per month. Just for asking nicely!

But there’s more…

I was just about to hang up the phone and she asked “is there anything else I can help you with today?”. I said Yes, and asked where she was from in the US. I’m always fascinated hearing about the places people in call centers are from.

She said she was from Louisville Kentucky. I told her I’d never been there. She said she’d never been to California. We swapped stories for a bit and I told her to email me if she ever comes to CA so I can tell her some cool things to do in town.

After chit chatting for only 3 minutes, she asked if she could put me on a brief hold. She returned moments later and said for being a loyal AT&T customer *and nice person* she is shipping me a $150 prepaid Visa gift card.


Dear whoever is reading this:

– Be nice to people today
– Ask where they are from
– Be curious and swap stories
– Aim to leave conversations with the other person feeling happier and encouraged.

(And try calling customer service to ask for a discount. The worst they can say is no and you just have a lovely chat)

– Joel 🤑

Our handsome old boy enjoying some yard time.

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