Just 2 minutes of prosocial activity

What is prosocial activity?

It means doing stuff that benefits others.

Why do 2 minutes of it today?

Because 2 minutes each day means after a full year you will have completed 12 hours of prosocial activity! (And doing tiny things every day creates a habit of helping others.)

Try one of these today:

  • smile and compliment a stranger
  • let someone borrow your things
  • comfort someone and listen to them
  • help the host, share chores
  • pay for someone’s meal or coffee
  • play and laugh with children
  • Be positive, brightening people’s day

Easy, right!? Can you handle just 2 mins of it today? πŸ‘

Happy weekend!!! Love you all,
– Joel

Street art from @ecomurals! Corvallis, OR.