Life has good days and bad days

About three years ago, after surfing one day I got home and realized I accidentally left my surfboard leash in the beach parking lot. 😢

And every time I’ve returned to the beach since then I park there and think to myself, “this is the parking lot where I lost my favorite surfboard leash”.

Well…. Last weekend a miracle happened! I parked my car at the beach, and noticed a beautiful blue surfboard leash sitting on the ground.

And now I get to change my narrative… Every time I park at the beach going forward I can think, “this is the place that I FOUND a surf leash!”. 🤗


I know it’s just a $20 item and a silly insignificant story… But it’s happenstances like this that remind me that life has good days, and life has bad days.

On the good days, be grateful! Celebrate every tiny win in your life and remember others may not be so lucky.

On the bad days, keep your chin up. Good times eventually come again –> they always do.

Happy Saturday friends! Enjoy your (hopefully good) weekend!
– Joel 🏄‍♂️

PS. If you live in LA and lost a blue surf leash, hit me up and I’ll return it to you!