Make a note of it!

About 6 months ago, one of my neighbors left this tiny note on my doorstep…

It now lives at the bottom of my computer and I read it every day.

It’s funny how such a tiny little note can improve someone’s day (or month, or year). The person who wrote it probably has no idea of the lasting impact it has on me.

Maybe I should be writing more little paper notes to other people? Maybe we all should?

Today I’ve got a challenge for you: Hand write a small note to someone. A neighbor, friend, your spouse, a stranger, or whoever! Keep it short, keep it happy.

Whether it lasts a day or a year, spreading joy is always a worthy cause. Your notes mean more to others than you think they do.

Happy Tuesday my friends!
– Joel

ps. snap me a photo! I want to see your notes and share the good stories!