Dishing Out Compliments

“Hey Steve, nice haircut! Have a great day, you handsome man.”

“Sally… I gotta say, the way you handled that customer complaint was amazing to watch. You are great at what you do and I’m learning a lot from you. Thanks!”

“Hey TJ, last week you said xxx to me. I’ve been thinking about it more over the past couple of days and you’re totally right because yyy. I’m so glad to have smart people like you in my life.”

TO DO Today: Dish out a few compliments. Recognize people for the good stuff they do.

– It will make you feel happier

– It encourages people to continue doing good work

– If done regularly, it creates a habit of looking for the good, instead of the bad in people.

– People need to hear compliments right now!

Have a great day. You are all AWESOME!
– Joel


No knead bread

Water, flour, yeast and salt. That’s it! This recipe and technique was made famous by an old article and video from the NY times. That’s how I learnt it years ago. Enjoy!