More fun volunteering stories…

[Each Friday I volunteer at Meals on Wheels in Santa Monica. Delivering food is not a glamorous job, so I make the most of it by looking on the bright side, and collecting weird/funny stories to share with you guys!…  All past stories here.]


Yesterday I delivered food to one my regular clients. I know he’s a huge Rams football fan so I asked him if he’s excited about the upcoming Rams game this weekend…

He just slammed he door in my face.

And then I remembered that the Rams lost last week and their season is over.  🤦‍♂️  I’m the worst.


Last week I was delivering to an old lady, and as soon as she answered the door, she jumped outside and quickly opened a large umbrella. (it wasn’t raining, and we were standing under a veranda!)

I told her there was no rain, but she said, “well, you never can be too careful”.

Maybe she’s allergic to rain? 🤷‍♂️


A few weeks ago, one of my clients answered the door and said, “you’re my favorite delivery boy!”. It made me feel really special.

It was a great feeling, until I told some of the other volunteers. They just laughed and said, “Yeah, she says that to all of us”. 🙁


Each week, this one old guy likes to tell me what new disease or health problem he has. Last week it was a concussion, the week before that a tooth ache, he’s got low blood pressure, etc… You name it, he has it.

This week he said he “caught arthritis”.

When I asked him where it hurts he said “I think it’s just everywhere, all inside of me.”

Can’t wait to hear what new thing he has next week 🙂


Happy weekend, friends!
– Joel

These are the meals we put together. It’s a cold lunch and hot dinner, different food each time.