My friend is “outrageously generous”…

Got a cool email from my friend Steve yesterday, and with his permission I’m sharing this beautiful story…

“I had an opportunity to be outrageously generous today. Guy called my company kinda randomly, asking if I bought household stuff – i don’t. He explained to me that he had his entire house/trailer contents in a storage unit. His free month was up and they were going to lock down his stuff, him and his wife and 3 kids are living in their car at the moment. He got behind bc Covid sickness and rent relief check got to him too late to save his shelter situation. I told him I wanted to pay for another month on his storage unit to give him some breathing room and time to plan. His wife could not believe that I would pay the storage fee and want nothing in return. I’m working to find him some leads with tree companies, and if not I might put him to work. My credo made it immediately clear to me what to do in this situation.

Not boasting, just thought I’d share a nice story and the credo at work.”


This “credo” that Steve references is really cool. It’s a short list of statements that he created and tries to live his life by. “Be outrageously kind and generous” is one of those statements in his credo.

**Update: Steve shared his whole credo with us HERE: Steve’s Credo.**

Anyway, just wanted to share a beautiful story about strangers helping strangers.

Is there someone you can be outrageously generous to today?

Happy hump day,

Here’s another cool guy out doing random acts of kindness… He went around town last week asking hair dressers to cut 1 hair, then tipped them $500! Watch on YouTube or Insta 🙂


PS. Steve’s inspired me to make on my own credo, which is still in development. But I’ll share it with the class when it’s done and polished 🙂