My neighborhood smells like poop (and I love it)

For the past month or so, gardeners around my neighborhood have been sprinkling cow manure everywhere. (Apparently Autumn is the best season to fertilize your grass.)

With 1 in every 3 houses doing this, the entire neighborhood stinks! My morning walks, workouts, and remote working on my front porch has all been ruined by wafting poop smell!

🐄💩 gross!

I was complaining to my wife about this, to which she replied, “How else are they going to make the front lawns beautiful all year?”.

This got me thinking… Putting up with 30 days of poopy smell, provides me 335 days of awesome luscious green grass around my neighborhood. That’s actually a good trade off.

Instead of being mad about this season, maybe I should be thinking more long term?

Actually, perhaps that’s the reason I’m frustrated in other areas and projects in my life. I’m concentrating too much on near term inconvenience, and instead should have a longer term outlook.

Something to think about next time you’re smelling the metaphorical poop. Try adjusting your outlook and picture the long term goodness 🙂

Happy Sunday,

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Feature cow pic by Mike Suarez!

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