I’m not afraid anymore!

Before I started blogging, I was pretty nervous.

  • I was scared people wouldn’t like me.
  • Scared of negative comments.
  • Scared people would unsubscribe.
  • Scared I would accidentally share too much.
  • Scared of embarrassing myself online.

But, one day I mustered up the courage to start a blog anyway.

And do you know what happened?…

All of my fears came true! Every. single. one.

  • Some people don’t like me.
  • I get negative comments sometimes.
  • People unsubscribe.
  • I overshare and write crap things sometimes.
  • And I embarrass myself regularly!

But, now that the bandaid is ripped off, something cool has happened…

I’m not scared anymore. I have no fear.

Not only were the scary things less scary than I thought, but I stumbled across 100 awesome things that I didn’t know existed. The good heavily outweighs the bad.


I don’t know who needs to hear this today… But if you are scared of something, the best way to face your fears is to run directly into it.

If the bad stuff doesn’t actually happen, that’s great! And if the bad stuff does happen, that’s also great!

Either way, you’ll be fine.

The sooner you face your fears, the sooner you won’t be scared anymore.

Happy Wednesday!
Love, Joel

Coops is recovering slowly. We got a second opinion from a vet in Montana, who sat us down and went through all his xrays. Long story short, Cooper has a delicate spine and we are doing all the right things to make sure he doesn’t make it worse over time. The booties in the photo are for slippery surfaces. 🙂