Old you vs. new you

The old me used to scroll on my phone at night in bed. The new me uses bed time to sleep, recharge, and dream.

The old me used to procrastinate and put off daunting tasks. The new me hits tasks head on, and finished them quickly.

The old me rushed through breakfast, or skipped it completely. The new me cooks slowly and doesn’t eat in front of the computer anymore.

The old me said naughty words, often. The new me expanded his vocabulary and speaks like a gentleman.

The old me thought about money 99% of the day. The new me only thinks about money ~50% of the day 🤣 (hey, that’s a pretty good improvement)


Happy New Year, peeps! Onwards and upwards!

– Joel 💪

“Night walk” — From my sister who visited Carpenter Rocks, South Australia!