Perfect is the enemy – 90% is good enough

This came in from Paul in San Diego… 👇👇👇

“I struggle with composing responses to work emails.

I want to make sure that when I respond to someone, I have all the information that may pertain to their request, neatly formatted the way I believe they want, along with other ‘helpful info’ too.

But what ends up happening is – I take too long to respond. Days or weeks go by without replying because I haven’t been able to get everything worded 100% the way I want it.

My inbox piles up, and people don’t get their problems solved. It’s a lose/lose.

The truth is, generally I’m able to get most of what they want typed out straight away, and am able to whip up a draft which will sit idle for a while.

So my lessons learned is…

90% is good enough. I can accomplish a lot by being satisfied at 90%, and just hitting send. This is a win/win. I don’t have to be perfect, I just have to get my reply out.

I’ve also been applying this method to workouts, cleaning, woodworking and other chores in my life.”


What a great reminder.

Today: Drop the burden of perfectionism. You’ll realize you are just as effective (and more productive) letting go of “it has to be perfect”.

Happy Thursday, make it a great day! 👍
– Joel

Thank you to everyone who bid in the silent auction last week. We collectively raised $620 across 10 pictures (with one of the pics going for a whopping $200! 🤯) and all the money went to World Central Kitchen.

(And thanks to those who didn’t bid but made a donation anyway. Very cool of you 🙏)

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