Shedding your old leaves

It happened again yesterday.

We had a massive wind storm and the palm trees outside our house got hammered. The wind blew off about 50 palm fronds, which flung all over our street and into the neighbors yards…

I used to be annoyed at wind storms…

They come out of nowhere, leave a huge mess, and I have to go around cleaning it all up!

But a couple years ago I changed my thinking. Instead of looking down at the mess and focusing on the havoc, I started looking up at the newly shed trees and seeing how happy they look afterwards…

The reason our palm trees stand tall and stay beautiful all year is because they shed all the old crap that’s weighing them down. Storms are necessary for them to be their best self.

And I think the same goes with humans. Shedding your old crap once in a while is needed.

So the next time a storm comes into your life, don’t complain and focus on the inconveniences. Remember it’s a part of your natural growth. Take the opportunity to shake off some dead weight.

Happy Sunday!
– Joel


**Funny coincidence, I first came across this palm tree epiphany 2 years ago and I wrote about it here. Looking at the original publish date, it was almost the exact same day (Jan 20th) we had the last wind storm. I wonder what will happen on Jan 20 next year?!