A “symbiotic” relationship

Yesterday, a reader sent me this photo after visiting the Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina…

I quickly ran over to show my wife (she loves trees and soil science) and asked her some questions…

“Is that moss part of the tree? Or is it a different plant that’s sucking off the tree? Will the tree eventually die because of the moss all over it?”

My wife told me it’s a “symbiotic” relationship.

Apparently the moss and trees both benefit and thrive from living in unity with one another, but there is no “need” from each other (one doesn’t depend on the other or suck the other to survive).

Hmmmm… 🤔

What a beautiful thing. If only us humans could learn to live more like this?

Something to chew on today… How can you create more symbiotic relationships in your life? How can you establish more mutual beneficial situations and sustain them long term?

Happy Thursday y’all! Have a beautiful day!
– Joel