Fourplex investment property

4 x Fourplexes – Emergency Funds and Recession Planning

Every real estate investor has their own risk tolerance, and as such, plans for emergencies differently. I like to think I’ve got a pretty good emergency plan, but honestly, it’s never been truly put to the test. When I started buying investment real estate ~6 years ago, I tried to adapt a conservative mindset and Read more about 4 x Fourplexes – Emergency Funds and Recession Planning[…]

Disasters: Human Behaviour

How Do People Behave During a Disaster?   Chatting with a friend last week, he told me he was stocking up on guns, ammo, and weapons… He said he’s planning for “when people start to turn on each other”. Maybe he’s seen too many doomsday movies. During a crisis, do humans really turn to theft, Read more about Disasters: Human Behaviour[…]