Thank you. No, no… thank YOU!

A reader wrote to me the other day…

“Thank you for your time. Must take you hours to think and craft messages every day. Thank you for putting the time in”

This is always nice to hear. BUT, what people don’t realize is…

My input is tiny in comparison to your guys’ collective input. What I proffer in mere minutes, you guys amplify into days. Let me explain…

It might take me 20-30 minutes to write 1 email.

And it will take 1 person 30 seconds to read it.

But 2 people will take 2 x 30 seconds to read.

100 people will spend a collective 50 minutes in reading time.

1000 people will spend 8 hours collectively reading.

And so on, and so on.

Not to mention the time spent pondering, interpreting, sharing happiness, and brightening the days of those around you… The ripple effect is endless.

So thank YOU ALL for your time and efforts. You guys are doing the amazing part. Seriously, thank you.

Happy Friday and happy long weekend! Make it a good one 😉
Love, Joel

computer sending thank you letters
I’m calling this little doodle… “love source”… because hidden inside each envelope is a secret love letter to the world.

PS. I’m taking the next 3 days off, camping for 4th of July weekend! No phones, no laptop, no worries! See you next week. Byeeeeee 👋