The secret to being good at life πŸ„β€β™‚οΈ

Surfing last week, I overheard 2 dudes talking in the water…

“You see, most people only surf on the sunny days when the weather and waves are perfect. But the trick to getting good is to surf in the bad weather and bad wave days too. If you practice when conditions are horrible, you’ll be 10 times better when the conditions are good.”


Interesting… πŸ€” I feel like life can be approached this way too.

If we only try hard when we feel like it, when it’s easy, or when conditions are good, then we only learn to function well and be happy during good times.

But if we try hard all the time β€” even on the crappy days when life is hard β€” we learn to handle everything. And we’re super prepared when conditions are good.

Have a great day! Make the most of it no matter what’s thrown at you!
– Joel

2008. I was 23 and this was my first surf board πŸ™‚