The Two Doormen – A Story About Perspective

One day, a reporter was interviewing two different doormen working at the fanciest hotels in New York City.

The reporter arrived at the first hotel and asked the doorman, “So, tell me about your job. What do you do for the hotel?”

The first doorman replied, “I am virtually a slave… The lowest man on the totem pole. All my coworkers and the hotel guests look down on me, and I hold out my hand to beg for money from everyone. I wouldn’t wish this job on anyone.”

“I’m so sorry” the reporter said back. “The hotel industry disgusts me. The hierarchy seems built to keep the little people down and catering only to the rich. I will never stay in a fancy hotel like yours.”

The reporter then traveled to the second hotel and asked the next doorman, “So, tell me about your job. What do you do for the hotel?”

The second doorman replied: “I have the most important job in the hotel! I’m the first person guests see when they arrive, and last person they see when leaving. I get to smile and talk to every guest that stays here, and the hotel couldn’t operate without me. People give me money, even when I don’t ask for it.”

The reporter smiled brightly and said, “That sounds so fun! I love staying at fancy hotels and thank you for always making my time here enjoyable. The hotel industry surely seems like a great place to work!”


There’s 2 lessons we can take away from the two doormen story.

The first is that perspective is soooo important. Both these doormen had the exact same job, working at fancy hotels in NYC. But one of them had a victim mindset, only looking at the negative things about his job. The other doorman had a positive and bright outlook, focussing on the good he was doing in the world.

Next, did you notice how the reporter responded after the doormen shared their perspectives? Negativity breeds negativity. Everything you say and do has a ripple effect that changes the way others in the world think about things. You can make or break someone’s day by your mindset and perspective, so it’s best to be upbeat and share the good things about your situation.

Today: What is your attitude going to be like? The first doorman or the second?

(hint: go with the second… You’ll be happier, and so will everyone around you 😉)

Have a great week!
– Joel 💪


**Feature pic by Frank Holleman!