The young buffalo 🦬

A young buffalo once asked his Dad… “Hey Dad, what’s the scariest thing in the world?”

The father buffalo told him it was a lion! Because lions eat buffalo.

The young buffalo thought to himself for a moment and then said, “OK Dad, if I ever see a lion I’ll run away in the other direction as fast as I can!”

But the Dad said that’s actually the opposite of what he should do. He then gave his son this wise advice…

“Son, when you see a scary lion, you should stand your ground. Look the lion straight in the eye. Stomp your feet. Show off your sharp horns. Maybe even try charging at the lion as fast as you can!

Look around at the other 200 buffalo we hang with. If you run away, the lion will probably catch you and eat you. But if you stay with our pack, you have 200 other buffalo friends with sharp horns who will fight with you. We help each other when facing scary lions. If you run away, we can’t help you.”


Dear friends,

This is your morning reminder to face your fears.

Me, my friends, your friends, our families, colleagues, bosses and the community all have your back. 💯

If you run away from your problems, you will almost certainly be eaten. We can’t help you if you run away.

Instead, stand your ground. Ask for help. Charge your fears head on!

People want you to succeed in life and will help you get ahead. You just need to stand your ground and TRY.

Happy Tuesday!!
Love, Joel from your herd. 🦬

Snapped this on safari, Jan 2019 in Kruger National Park!