There’s a couch on the road! πŸ›‹

You’re cruising along, minding your own business, working hard towards your goals in life… then suddenly a couch appears in the middle of your road!? πŸ›‹

(Sometimes it’s a metaphorical couch, and sometimes it’s a real couch.)

You’re momentarily stuck. What do you do now?

Do you get angry, complain, blame others, feel sorry for yourself, or make this the main focus of your day?

Or do you pull over, take 20 seconds fixing the problem and then move on with life?

Today: Don’t dwell on minor inconveniences that pop up in life. Fix, forget, and move on. It doesn’t matter how things got there or if it’s fair… life is too short to dwell on small problems.

Happy Friday!
Love, Joel