Tomato trades and paying it forward…

Pay it forward

Last month, one of our friends gave us about 30 tomato plants. He had hundreds growing in his backyard and needed to give some away.

As compensation, we gave him 1 pound of mung beans and some home-made beer.

A fair trade, we all thought.

30 tomato plants is too many for us, so we started distributing them to our neighbors and friends….

First, we gave 4-5 tomato plants to my mother in law. She was so thankful she gave us some wine and some oranges.

Next, we gave 1 tomato plant to a guy up the street. He gave us some smoked trout he had leftover from his last fishing trip.

We shared the smoked trout with our next door neighbor, who in return hooked us up with a massive 50lb pound bag of flour and some yeast!

As a thanks for the flour, I baked some fresh bread to share with everyone at our neighborhood happy hour.

The happy hour led to more wine trades, and somehow I ended up agreeing to dog-sit for a friend who lives a few blocks away.

As a thank you for dog sitting, our friend dropped off 2 large dog bones for Cooper to chew on, and 3 more bottles of wine!

More beer trades, face masks, fruit trades, favors, etc…

I’m confused at this point about who owes who next. But it doesn’t really matter… This pay-it-forward game is in full swing and we’re all having fun.

Wishing you all a great weekend!

Share what you can. Pay it forward. Make it fun!

– Joel