Too many browser tabs open…

You know when you’ve got 100 tabs open on your internet browser and things start to run slowly?…

Well that’s what’s going on in my mind this week. I’ve got too many mental tabs open. World news, work stuff, future travel plans, social drama, finance projects, etc.. The list is massive and my puny brain is having a hard time processing it all simultaneously.

So today, I’m closing all the tabs. Only opening up 1 issue at a time.

Tomorrow’s problems can be solved —> tomorrow.

Wishing you a productive day ahead, clearing all the crap from your plate so you can focus on the priorities 💪

– Joel

Pic from Jenn in Ogden, Utah — “I looked up to the sky it finally sunk into my brain the realization I don’t have to do anything but relax! 😊”