TSA Lost and Found 🙌

I did something dumb last week… I accidentally left my Apple Earbuds at the TSA checkpoint at LAX airport. 😢 I must have been so flustered before our flight that I forgot to doublecheck those plastic bin thingys after going through security.

Bugger! 100 bucks down the drain!

It sucks when that happens. Puts a damper on your trip…

When I realized my dumb mistake I was trying my best to stay positive. Could there be a small chance that TSA security picked them up and have some sort of lost and found?

So I did some googling… It turns out TSA does have a lost and found, and they collect about 5000 items per month at Los Angeles Airport! Quite impressive actually, they have a website that logs and categorizes all the items and allows you to “browse” and submit a claim for lost stuff.

So I checked out the site and look what I found…

Actually there were about 100 photos of wireless headphones on the site, all found within the last week! It seems I’m not the only flustered and forgetful person going through TSA.

Anyway, my claim has been approved for my pair (luckily I had a small sticker on my set so they were able to identify them from the others) and TSA are shipping them to me tomorrow!


Anyway, just wanted to share this little win with you guys. If you happen to make the same dumb mistake, remember:

– You’re not the only one who makes dumb mistakes. 5000 people do every month in LA.

– Stay positive!!! The universe has a way of making things right if you have a positive outlook.

Happy Thursday, have a great day!!
– Joel

Pic from Bec in AR — “Check this pink rainbow out…I’ve never seen anything like it before…right outside my house”