Wednesday Interlude 🤔

Good morning everyone!

Today is Wednesday.

And tomorrow, it will not be Wednesday.

A week from now, we’ll be in September.

A few months from now, we’ll have freezing cold weather.

A few years from now, we’ll have changed jobs, our kids will be much older and other big life changes.

A few decades from now, we will be completely different people with new habits and communities.

A few centuries from now, well… we’ll all be dead.

Sooooo…. Since today will happen only once ☝️ (and everything will change afterwards whether we like it or not), we should try to live today to the fullest and enjoy it as much as possible, right?

➡️ Enjoy who you are
➡️ Enjoy where you are
➡️ and enjoy what you have!

Make it a good one,
– Joel

“Found a boulevard of stately trees in the South Parklands” — sent from my parents in Aus 🇦🇺