You are the CEO of your life.

“You are the CEO of your life.
Hire, fire and promote accordingly.”


Not only are you the CEO, you’re also the CFO, CIO and all the other fancy acronym titles that run the show.

Actually, you are also the middle management team, director of everything, you wear multiple analyst hats, and do first line worker duties to keep all the lights on.

🤔 Hmmm… Actually now that I think about it more, you are also the intern of your life. The newest and lowest person on the totem pole that has everything to learn. You are also the doorman, cleaning crew and the receptionist.

(Oooops! This was supposed to be a motivating email about being in control of your life. But it turns out being responsible for everything is very overwhelming!!)

Well, the main takeaway is that you are 100% responsible for living your life. The way you want, the pace you want, and the style you want.

Happy Friday! Wishing you a great day, building the best life for you.
Love, Joel

The kid has a nicer car than mine! 🤣 (he’s already a better driver than me, too)