You do you ✌️

Would you let a stranger write your to-do list for the day? 📝

(Of course you wouldn’t. Because they don’t know anything about you and only you know what needs to get done today.)

What about your annual goals list?… Would you let a stranger create your list of goals to achieve this year?

(Of course you wouldn’t. Because they don’t know your values or what’s important to you in life.)

Well…… That’s kind of what you’re doing when you compare yourself to other people all the time. You’re handing over the reigns to others and letting them decide what success looks like.

Consuming yourself with what everyone else is doing —> subconsciously changes the direction you’re headed and who you turn into year after year.

Scary, right?

Just something to think about this week… Make your own list and follow it. You do you.

Happy Monday!
– Joel

“A framed quote I have in my classroom. I picked it up in London in 2015 when we spent the morning at Portobello Road Market (the same market from one of my favorite films, “Notting Hill”).” — Sent from my friend, Christina 🤗