Your attention please.

Do you know what the average human attention span is?…

8 seconds.

Yep. We humans now have the same attention span as goldfish.

Here are 2 things to consider as you go about your day today (assuming you haven’t lost attention and are still reading this email).

1) Get to the point when speaking today. If you drift off on stories and tangents, your friends will drift off listening to you. When emailing at work, slim down your emails to the most valuable sentences only. Staying focussed on your delivery will help people pay attention to you longer than 8 seconds.

2) Listen better to others. Leave your phone in another room, or put it on DND mode when having important chats with people. Distractions and interruptions are counterproductive, not to mention they can sometimes be a little rude 🙁

Good luck today! It’s gonna be a focussed week!
– Joel


*Goldfish pic by Ahmed Hasan

2 thoughts on “Your attention please.

  • I read this post without stopping or getting distracted! Probably goes back to our more primitive days where danger was all around us.

    • Maybe! Microsoft did a few studies and its sad to see our attention span dropping over the years. It’s also interesting to see our capabilities and learning increase. Cheers Matt have a great week!

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