Your Monday affirmations… 💪

Happy Monday, peeps! What an awesome day to be alive 🙂

Fill in the blanks for your personal Monday affirmations…

Today I’m feeling ____(positive feeling)___! My superpower is ___(skill)___, and I’m going to use it today to kick ass doing ____(hard task you’re trying to avoid)___.

I won’t stress over ___(thing you can’t control)___ because I’m too busy focussing on my ___(blessings)___!!

People depend on me for ____(your value)___ and I’m proud of that. I won’t let them down.

And when I’m all done with ___(work)___, I’m gonna treat myself to ___(guilty pleasure)___, because I’ve earned it and deserve to be rewarded.


OK, now read it allowed to yourself. —> Then, live it. 💪

Make it a good one,
– Joel

Sunrise, Los Angeles. Thanks for the pic, B!