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5AM Activities – What Do You Do at 5AM Every Day?

Here’s a common question I get asked when people learn about my 5AM activities.   What the heck do you do at 5AM every morning?   The short answer is: Whatever I want! And the longer, more annoying answer is: It depends on the day. My morning routine and 5am activities change depending on what Read more about 5AM Activities – What Do You Do at 5AM Every Day?[…]

I Lava You!

2019 Valentines Day Statistics

  Here are some interesting statistics for you this Valentines Day: 72% of millennials say they would break up with their partner if they forgot Valentine’s Day. The average millennial spends $182 and over 27 hours planning their Valentines Day gifts for their sig-nif other. 54% of men in Italy dress up as Saint Valentine Read more about 2019 Valentines Day Statistics[…]

monday is hard

Motivation vs. Discipline

“Waaaah, my life is so hard. I wish I had more motivation to do my stuff.” Have you ever heard someone say this? Or have you said it yourself? Well instead of motivation, what might be needed is just a little discipline. There’s a big difference between motivation and discipline. – Motivation is fleeting – Read more about Motivation vs. Discipline[…]