Cousin Dan at mt everest

Are you self-motivated?

self·motivation noun Ability to do what needs to be done, without influence from other people or situations. “Dan completes all his tasks by 3pm on Mondays and leaves the office early to hang with his kids. His secret is self motivation and staying away from others with bad attitudes.”   Cousin Dan at Everest Base Read more about Are you self-motivated?[…]

Down tree at fourplex

Hiring a Property Manager? – Ask These Questions…

  Property Managers are the backbone of your buy & hold rental business. While you’re sitting back and counting your money, they are watching over your affairs and handling all the dirty tasks that you don’t want to do. Finding a good property manager however, can be a hard task. There are hundreds of management Read more about Hiring a Property Manager? – Ask These Questions…[…]

Financial Independence Sunset

What does Financial Independence mean to you?

  Beyond the literal definition of Financial Independence, there’s a deep and personal meaning this term holds. Every time I ask someone “What does FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) mean to you?” I hear a unique and individual answer. It’s interesting hearing everyone else’s response. Most people describe freedom, flexibility and custom lifestyles, but no Read more about What does Financial Independence mean to you?[…]