Hold me accountable…

Help me out… In September last year, I sent out this message, which was a public declaration of one of my goals… To get my California Real Estate License. The reason I committed to this goal publicly, was so everyone could hold me accountable, and encourage me if I fall behind or think about quitting. Well, today is the Read more about Hold me accountable…[…]

Another Magic Monday!

  Magic happens when you don’t give up, even though you’re unmotivated. Magic happens when you remain unbreakably positive, while everyone else is complaining. Magic happens when you have clear goals for the day, and you’ll do anything and everything to achieve them.   It’s time for another magic Monday. Get out there and make Read more about Another Magic Monday![…]

Hour glass 1% of the year

Action before 4pm today…

  Today is January 4th. And around 3.50pm today, exactly 1% of the year will have already passed. Man, time flies! So if you have any goals for 2020 that you haven’t started yet, it’s time to start! Consider doing just one tiny little action before 3.50pm today, or 1% of your goal. Getting started may be Read more about Action before 4pm today…[…]