Strategy Change

Changing Real Estate Investing Strategies

Earlier this year I found myself in a rut. A real estate investing rut. I had my head down focusing on buy/hold rental properties for so many years, I never really took a step back to consider my overall strategy and general position as an investor. In addition to this rut, a couple new factors Read more about Changing Real Estate Investing Strategies[…]

4 x Fourplexes (Part 2): Investment Timeline and Numbers

  4 x 4’s… Part 2: Investment Timeline and Numbers     But first, 2 quick stories:   1. Yesterday I found 2 x new fourplex properties for sale in my target area. These are GOOD deals. Since I’m not in a position to buy, I forwarded the listings and numbers to 3 friends and Read more about 4 x Fourplexes (Part 2): Investment Timeline and Numbers[…]