2% of this year is already gone

Today is Jan 7th… And by the end of the day, 2% of this year will be over!

So let me ask you this… Have you made 2% progress on your annual goals yet?

It’s totally fine if you haven’t (some of my goals I haven’t even thought about yet – and won’t for a few weeks), and goal progress is are rarely linear.

But the reason I like reminding myself of time % gone, is to push myself to at least start. Even if it’s the tiniest baby step.

Usually the first step is the hardest (mentally), but the easiest (physically). Make a phone call. Send an email. Research something. Make a list of actions. These are all very simple 5-10 minute activities that can be done anytime.

Why not do one today?

A friend snapped this in the middle of nowhereville, Colorado. 🙂