Tips to survive a 13 hour ✈️ flight!

I’m currently on a 13hr flight from Los Angeles —> Auckland. Long flights are tough. But here’s a few tips to help you survive… 1) Bring a small gift or some nice candy for your flight attendant 👩‍✈️. They will be surprised and hook you up with free beers and other goodies throughout your flight. Read more about Tips to survive a 13 hour ✈️ flight![…]

too much thinking

Less “think” and more “do”

  “What if you spend much of your time thinking about a lot of issues that concern you? You will spend less time taking action to solve these problems.”   This is a snip from a book I’m reading. Surprise, surprise, it’s a self-help book that analyzes successful people and breaks down their basic habits Read more about Less “think” and more “do”[…]