Shark sighting

Hello darkness, my old friend

Yesterday morning I went surfing. I was sitting pretty far out, things were fairly calm, until I noticed a dark, blurry presence in the water next to me. Oh shit,.. I hate that feeling… Could it be a shark? Is it my time to go? I moved very slowly. Leaning down on my board ready Read more about Hello darkness, my old friend[…]

Toilets aka Rental Properties

How Many Toilets Do You Own?

Newbie: “Real estate investing sounds so cool! How many rental properties do you own?” Me: I own 22 toilets. Newbie: “Huh? I was asking about your rental houses.” Me: I know. Let me tell you. Somewhere in Texas, there are 22 toilets that I own. Right now, and throughout the day, people are shitting in Read more about How Many Toilets Do You Own?[…]

Credit Card Hacking Photo

Credit Card Hacking – Personal Summary, Timeline & Notes

SUMMARY: It’s been 16 months We’ve opened 8 new credit cards Received $6,565 in signup bonuses and rewards travel We paid $457 in membership fees so far A whopping $149,000 in total available credit lines Starting credit score = 764 Current credit score = 810 I’ve been taking notes every time I applied for a Read more about Credit Card Hacking – Personal Summary, Timeline & Notes[…]

USA statistics

4th of July – Statistics for 2019

  🇺🇸 Today is Independence Day! 🇺🇸 Here is what we crazy American’s will get up to… – We will eat A LOT of hot dots today… About 150 million. – 37 million hot dogs will have come from Iowa. – And 70% of the lettuce in our salads was grown in California! – 26% Read more about 4th of July – Statistics for 2019[…]