Hello darkness, my old friend

Yesterday morning I went surfing.

I was sitting pretty far out, things were fairly calm, until I noticed a dark, blurry presence in the water next to me. Oh shit,.. I hate that feeling…

Could it be a shark? Is it my time to go?

I moved very slowly. Leaning down on my board ready to paddle back to shore.

As I moved the darkness got closer to me. As if it was mimicking me. Then I realized…

It was my own shadow! I was scared of myself!

What an idiot. 🙂

It’s a funny story, but also a cool little reminder to myself. Sometimes I invent reasons to be scared. It’s counterproductive, and limits my vision for opportunities.

Instead, I need to practice self-assurance. I want to be subconsciously confident and scared of little.

Have a great Sunday all!

– Joel


* Pic up top by Lubo Minar